Chong Seng Plastics Pte Ltd


The Challenge

Established 2000, Chong Seng Plastics manufactures top quality plastic products company currently owns over 20 blowing, cutting and printing machines to cater to a huge demand from the food & beverage, laundry, electronics and many other industries.

Chong Seng Plastics ISO 9001 on June 2010. However, before acquiring ISO 9001, required systems such as controlling of approved samples, formulation of the products, job as well as machinemaintenance ofwere not maintained adequately The resultant chaos caused production delays and wastage due to reworks.

The Solution

The management believed that ISO 9001 is the way to streamline operations but were not aware of how to approach it.

The company is characterised by their Chinese speaking management and working environment. Greenwich consultant, therefore, had to go the extra mile to generate the required documentation in Chinese. They also had to train the Chinese Speaking staff in implementing and maintaining the entire quality system.

The Result

After being certified with ISO 9001 in 2010, the management has experienced excellent control over the business. Since all records are fully maintained and traceable, here is a great reduction in arguments on the shop floor to as well as the tendency pass the buck.

The certification has also helped the company to secure more businesses.