Educare4u Pte Ltd


The Challenge

EduCare4u Pte Ltd (“EduCare4u”) provides professional and quality education guardianship and tuition services. Since inception, their tuition and guardianship have been growing immensely popular among parents and students both in Singapore and the region.

Educare4u wanted to undertake the SME Management Actions for Results (SMART) programme under SPRING Singapore’s Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) initiative.

The Solution

Our consultant conducted a thorough diagnosis of the organisation’s management capability systems, such as Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results.

From the diagnosis, EduCare4u stakeholders were encouraged to observe and acknowledge their strengths and areas of improvement. They also used this diagnosis as a business guide to close the gaps observed.

The result

The diagnosis facilitated EduCare4u in their expansion as it helped them to identify the critical business aspects that needed urgent attention internally before embarking on an outward

The organisation continued to tap on the funding from SPRING Singapore to work on improving their human resource and branding.

Educare4u today is delighted with highly relevant and effective guidance offered by our consultant. Fundamental recommendations as well as follow-up actions were relevant to the resources and time constraints at EduCare4u

The consultants added huge value thanks to a highly-customised solution based on specific resources, culture and profile of EduCare4u