Owell Bodycare Pte Ltd

Owell Bodycare Pte Ltd

The Challenge

OWELL BodyCare is a rapidly expanding retailer of healthcare solutions. As a pre-condition to importing and distributing healthcare medical devices in Singapore and meeting HSA’s (Health Sciences Authority) requirements, they had to acquire GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device in Singapore) certification in just 2 months.

Our Solution

In response to the project requirements and the tight schedule our consultant:

  • Provided a realistic timeline to set up the GDPMDS project
  • Clearly explained requirements in terms of resources, documentation and implementation plan
  • Trained and motivated OWELL staff to appreciate the system requirements so that the project did not become a mere “paper chase”
  • Established the need, amongst stakeholders, for OWELL Bodycare to truly benefit from the GDPMDS system
  • Provided training both in English and Chinese for effective transfer of information in an interesting manner.

The Result

  • OWELL Bodycare achieved the GDPMDS certification within the agreed timeline
  • OWELL Bodycare employees today are more confident and motivated to continue with the GDPMDS
  • As a value added service, our consultant shared with OWELL Bodycare the requirements of WSH Act
  • Impressed with their prompt support and efficiency, OWELL Bodycare engaged our consultant once again for the WSHA project.

OWELL Bodycare today has not only a great Quality management system for medical devices, but also an efficient Health and Safety Management System to take care of their workplace. OWELL Bodycare continues to engage Greenwich Management Consultancy. Together we work hand-in-hand to establish a roadmap for OWELL’s business excellence journey.