Project Dignity Pte Ltd


The Challenge

As Singapore’s first full-fledged hawker training and food court management school, Project Dignity’s mission is to educate and enable the beneficiaries with commitment and passion, and enhanced interests in the hawker food trade.

The food stalls and warehouse in Project Dignity are typically run by the disadvantaged and disabled. Project Dignity suffered from poor housekeeping and poorly managed stock system resulting in many challenging issues.

The solution

Greenwich was by engaged Project Dignity to improve Productivity and housekeeping.

Our consultant completed the task within 3 months.

  • They conducted situation analysis to validate the real challenges facing the organisation
  • Photographic record was created to demonstrate before and after’ situation.
  • Assessment of current performance was undertaken to track subsequent improvement
  • Our consultant implemented
  • 5S Housekeeping system step by step to finally achieve significant Productivity Improvement.

The result

With a huge cultural change within the organisation as a result of 5S good housekeeping practices, the employees today well-organized and responsible for maintaining the systems